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Open Days

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Building on the success of previous fundraising and other events, this year the nursery will be the venue for six themed Open Days. On the third Sunday of each month, from April to September, local artists and craftspeople, gardeners and local business people will be at the nursery to answer your questions, demonstrate what they do and

be part of The Coastal Gardener community. 

If you're interested in taking participating in these events and promoting your business,

please contact Gerry at

Sunday 7th April   

Get into Gardening

Sunday 19th May   

Mind, Body, Soul

Sunday 23rd June 

Forget-Me-Not Fundraising event

for Admiral Nurses/Dementia UK

Sunday 21st July   

Oh I do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Sunday 18th Aug   

Fundraising Event for 

Sunday 1st Sept     

Artists In The Garden


We are in the process of confirming who will be at our Open Days. The information below will be updated regularly to include new exhibitors. Click on underlined title for further info.


Forget-Me-Not       Sunday 23rd June 10.00 - 16.00       Free Entry

Fundraising event for Admiral Nurses/Dementia UK

Please join us to raise awareness of and funds for Dementia UK, Admiral Nurse appeal - all funds raised for Island care.

  • Strictly Hand Dyed Yarns

  • Karen Watkin textiles

  • LuciaPara Art & illustration

  • Charlotte Hodge-Thomas art

  • Nature Therapy CIC

  • Alice Holley - Books

  • Wild Florist Wild

  • Steve Price - Guitar

Mind, Body, Soul             Sunday 19th May                 10.00 - 16.00       Free Entry

An opportunity for you to meet some of my favourite Isle of Wight businesses and people providing advice, products and opportunities to enhance your well-being.

  • Soap and Anchor

  • Beachwood Yoga with Tanya Handy 

  • Mindful Gardening with The Coastal Gardener

  • Meditation with Stephanie Williams

  • Nature Therapy CIC

  • Island Craftworks

  • Isle of Wight Mushroom Culture

Get into Gardening      Sunday 7th April           10.00 - 16.00        Free Entry

An opportunity for you to meet some of my favourite Isle of Wight garden related businesses and people.

  • Blade Runner IOW Tool Sharpening Services  

  • G.I.V.E (Green Island Veg Initiative) 

  • Wight Willow Landscaping 

  • Lucia Para Art & Illustration 

  • Coastal Gardener Volunteers 

  • Victoriana Lanes - Gardenalia & Decorative Salvage 

  • Workshops & Courses 

  • Wilder Wight Communities Project 

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