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Design Your Own Garden

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If you'd like to design your own garden then this is the course for you!

Drawing on many years' experience of designing a wide range of gardens I'll guide you through the process of designing

your own garden. I’ll help you as you assess your plot, write a brief, consider practical and aesthetic elements, draw a plan, select the right plants for the right place and prepare your garden for planting.

We’ll look at briefing builders and landscapers and by the end of the course you'll be ready to transform your plot into your dream garden.


What you'll need to bring with you:

A note book and pen, phone/camera, suitable clothing for the weather conditions (we will be outside some of the time but have a shed and gazebo for shelter) appropriate footwear (no flip flops or exposed toes)

There is a cafe on site or you can bring your own drinks, snacks, lunch.

To book your place email

10% off plants in the nursery on the day you attend the course.

Facilities: car parking, toilets, cafe



MODULE 1: £35.00 

Dates:  Saturday 20th April

10.00 - 12.30    

Setting The Brief - What kind of garden do you want? How much time do you have to maintain it, does it need to look good all year, who will be using it, do you need more privacy? We'll work through these questions and many more to establish a brief for your garden. Creating mood boards.

To book your place email

MODULE 2: £35.00

Dates:  Saturday 20th April

13.00 - 15.30

Assessing your plot - How to measure and draw a plan. Levels. Locating existing features. Assessing the soil. Orientation and exposure. Borrowed view. Services and practicalities. Your homework will be to use what you learn during this module to draw a plan of your plot.

To book your place email

MODULE 3: £35.00

Dates: Saturday 11th May 

10.00 -12.30

Review of your plans. What needs to stay and what can go (hard and soft landscaping) What needs to go where? Thinking about how the garden will function. Paths and sight-lines, garden buildings, ponds, terraces, seating and much more.

Materials - paths and paving, fences and walls.

How to develop to your plan.

To book your place email

MODULE 4: £35.00

Dates: Saturday 11th May 

13.00 -15.30

What to plant and where? Style and atmosphere -  formal or informal planting? Exotic, Mediterranean, prairie style or woodland? We can discuss the pros and cons of different approaches and future maintenance.  Planting with climate change, drought and winter wet in mind. How to collate a planting palette. Creating infographics showing height and spread, seasonal interest, colour, scent, etc. Homework: Collate a planting palette and infographic.

To book your place email

MODULE 5: £35.00

Dates:  Saturday 8th June

Review of planting palettes and infographics. Using planting palettes and infographics to decide which plant goes where. Planting in drifts, feature plants, planning for the future. Creating a planting plan -  by hand and/or using basic software/design programs. 

Homework: create a planting plan for your own garden.

To book your place email

MODULE 6: £35.00 

Dates: Saturday 8th June 

13.00 - 15.30

Making it Real. How to transfer your plan to your garden. Marking out and preparing for planting. Tool hire, briefing builders and landscapers. Sourcing materials and plants (not always easy on the Island!) Selecting quality plants.

To book your place email

MODULE 7 £35.00

Date: Saturday 7th September 10.00 - 13.00

Planting plan reviews. How to set out and plant. Watering, mulching and maintenance. (September and October are ideal months to start planting). 

Practical session first, then individual planting plan reviews and mentoring.

To book your place email

“ I absolutely loved the course. I loved meeting other gardeners and discussing our plans. Gerry is an excellent teacher with a light touch and a good sense of humour”

"I feel enriched. It (the Design Your Own Garden Course) has given me a lot of

confidence and been very validating"

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