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How to workshops

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How to workshops are designed to help you increase your confidence, knowledge and skills with expert tuition in a supportive environment. There are workshops and courses for everyone from the beginner gardener to those with more experience. 


What you'll need to bring with you:

A note book and pen, phone/camera, suitable clothing for the weather conditions

(we will be outside most of the time) appropriate footwear (no flip flops or exposed toes)

There is a cafe on site or you can bring your own drinks, snacks, lunch etc


10% off plants in the nursery on the day you attend the course.


Facilities: car parking, toilets, cafe


To book your place email 

Getting Started

Saturday 6th April 10.00 -12.30

repeated Thursday 25th April  10.00 -12.30          £35.00 

If you’re new to gardening or feel that you don’t really know what you’re doing then this is the workshop for you!

We’ll start by looking at how to clear and prepare the ground ready for planting, including how to recognise and control weeds with hands-on practicals and theory. Then we’ll explore how to identify soil types including pH soil testing as well as discussing how to improve soil to give the plants the best conditions for strong and resilient growth. We’ll discuss which tools you need and how to look after them and finish the workshop with advice on how to get rid of waste from the garden, including top tips for composting. 

Workshop notes will be sent to you at the end of the session.

To book your place email

Plants & Planting

Saturday 6th April  13.00 -15.30 

Repeated Friday 26th April 10.00 - 12.30        £35.00 

Confused about plant types, not sure which plant should go where? Want to know more about how to plant & care for your garden?

The workshop will start by looking at plant types and how to develop an understanding of the needs of different plants so that you can plant the right plant in the right place. This will include discussing aspect, hardiness and soil types. We’ll take a look at Latin plant names and how to select the best plants at a nursery or garden centre. Through hands-on practicals you’ll learn how to plant for success, including correct spacing of  plants, watering and aftercare. 

Workshop notes will be sent to you at the end of the session.

To book your place email

Propagation: Success with Seeds

Saturday 4th May 10.00 -12.30

Repeated on Thursday 23rd May 10.00 - 12.30          £35.00

Never sown a seed in your life or are always disappointed with germination rates? Then this is the workshop you need! Learn different methods break the dormancy of seeds, which growing medium to use for which seeds, whether to sow in the ground or in pots, how to water and nurture your seedlings and much more.

To book your place email


Propagation: Taking Cuttings

Saturday 4th May 13.00 - 15.30 

Repeated on Friday 24th May 10.00 - 12.30


Grow your own plants from cuttings. Learn the skills to successfully root cuttings and you'll be able to create plants for free for ever! You will have access to stock plants at the nursery and can take your cuttings home. All materials provided. You will go home with LOTS of cuttings which will become free plants.

To book your place email


Creating A Border

Saturday 1st June 10.00 - 15.30

Repeated on Thursday 20th June 10.00 - 15.30


How to plan and plant a border. What's your style? 

Learn how to plan and plant a stylish border with all the right plants in all the right places! Expert guidance on how to create a border that looks good all year. Learn about aspect, soil conditions, a sense of place, height, spread, colour, and scent. 

You’ll learn how to mark out and create a new border, 

revitalise an old one, collate a planting palette, draw a planting plan, set out and plant.

To book your place email

Coastal/Gravel Gardens

Saturday 3rd August 10.00 - 15.30


Everything you need to know to create your own coastal or gravel garden. We’ll look at how to meet the challenges posed by sand, salt and wind and how to select plants that will thrive.

 You’ll learn about soil conditions, weed control and planting techniques. We’ll discuss the aesthetics of gravel and coastal gardens and the selection of gravel, paving, timber and sculptures. You’ll learn how to drawing a plan, source plants and plant as well as how to care and maintain your garden.

To book your place email

Climate Resilient Gardening

Saturday 27th July 10.00 -12.30

Repeated on Thursday 22nd August 10.00-12.30


The changing climate will change how we garden and what we grow. As a garden designer I'm very aware of the environmental impact of the choices made when planning and maintaining a garden. The changing climate will impact how we garden and what we grow. I'll share with you my knowledge about landscaping materials, water storage and usage, planting techniques, and plant selection (especially trees).

To book your place email

Plants for Free: Dividing Perennials

Saturday 14th September 10 -12.30

Repeated Thursday 19th September 10.00 -12.30


Dividing perennials and spotting self seeders, planting out, potting up and growing on.

You will have access to stock plants at the nursery and can take self seeders and divisions home. 

All materials, including plants, provided. You will go home with LOTS of plants.

To book your place email

Garden Maintenance 

Saturday 14th September 13.00 -15.30

Repeated Friday 20th September 10.00 - 12.30


Maintaining your garden including  deadheading, cutting back, pruning and winter protection. Recognising and controlling weeds.

Wise watering and mulching. 

To book your place email

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