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New for 2023

Design Your Own Garden    Mindful Gardening     Free Talks   Charity Events

“Thank you so much, the workshop was so much fun.

I loved every minute and came away with a real sense of achievement”


 Design Your Own Garden

I’ve designed a lot of gardens and during this course I’ll help you to design your own.

I’ll guide you as you assess your plot, write a brief, consider practical and aesthetic elements, draw a plan, select the right plants for the right place and prepare your garden for planting.

We’ll also look at how to brief builders and landscapers.

I’ll even help you source the plants! 


This course is modular 

Click HERE for course details

please email to book

Mindful Gardening

Do you find it difficult to stop doing things and just be in your garden?

I've recently qualified as a yoga teacher and am looking forward to sharing mindfulness

techniques to help you find peace of mind in the garden and other natural environments.


This is a half-day course - click here for details

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