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Do you find it difficult to just be in your garden?

Do you feel the need to be doing things all the time?

If the answer to these questions is 'yes" then this workshop could unlock a

more mindful relationship between you and your garden (or other natural space).

I'll be drawing on many years of gardening and my more recent experience as a Yoga teacher to show you how you can slow down, increase your awareness and enjoy your garden on another level.

We'll endeavour to master the art of sitting still (tricky for many gardeners!) and how to fully

experience the environment with all of our senses. We'll explore how we can carry out tasks such as weeding in a way that transforms them from chores to opportunities for gratitude and contentment.

You don't need to be a gardener, or have any experience of meditation or yoga, to enjoy this workshop.

Please feel free to bring your own drinks, snacks and even your lunch.

Maximum 6 participants per session.

There is ample parking, a cafe and toilet facilities on site.

To book your place click HERE

(Click "Check Next Availability)

Yoga Classes

 I teach a Community Yoga Class on a Monday evening for

Emma Spencer-Goodier at her studio in Nettlestone on the Isle of Wight.


If you are interested in this class or any of the other classes offered at the studio please visit

Emma also offers a wide range of courses, retreats and yoga holidays

visit www.islandschoolofyoga for details

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