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This year we’re going to do things differently. Last year was a tough one; as the temperature rose and water supplies dwindled I spent ever increasing amounts of time trying to keep the plants alive whilst, understandably, seeing fewer and fewer customers. 


To be completely honest, I just can’t contemplate another summer of spending my days trying to find a shady place to sit and my evenings watering. I need the nursery to have a renewed sense of purpose and to rediscover the joy. So, opening hours will decrease as opportunities for learning  and sharing increase.


During 2023 the nursery will be open for plant sales every Wednesday from 5th April until the end of September and on the first and third Sunday of every month from April - September.


Wednesdays will be Volunteer days and whether you're a new or experienced gardener you will be warmly welcomed. These days are an opportunity to be with other people interested in gardening whilst participating in a range of horticultural activities. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer please visit


On the first and third Sunday of each month (April to September), when the nursery is open for plant sales, I’ll give a free 20 minute talk, starting at 11am. Topics will include planning & planting, wise watering, sustainable gardening and prairie style planting. Visit the events page at for the full list.


I’ll be teaching a Design Your Own Garden and a How To Garden course. Both courses are modular so that you can select the modules that you’ll find most useful. Details of each module are on the website and you can book and pay online.


Design Your Own Garden ( is an opportunity to learn how to assess your plot, write a brief, consider practical and aesthetic elements, draw a plan, select the right plants for the right place and prepare your garden for planting. We’ll also look at how to brief builders and landscapers.


How To Garden ( is a practical, hands-on course using the display beds at the nursery to learn to sow, plant, prune and propagate. We’ll look at tools, composting, irrigation, soil improvement and more and will take a sustainable and environmentally aware approach. As part of the course you’ll be able to take cuttings, make divisions and collect seed from nursery stock plants.


As some of you will know, last year I completed my yoga teacher training. The Mindful Gardening workshops will be an opportunity for me to share mindfulness techniques to help you find peace of mind in your garden - less doing, more being! 


I hope that we’ll meet at the nursery this year, maybe at a talk, on a course or just browsing for plants. I’ll keep posting news and updates on Instagram  and on Facebook You’ll also find yoga musings at


Wishing you, and your garden, health and happiness.


Gerry x

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