• The optimism of New Year!

    So, January is already gone! It’s been a month of recollection and review. Looking back at 2014 has provided the inspiration for preparing and planning for 2015. Last year was amazing, but too busy and with this in mind I’ve been drafting a new, smaller programme of activities and event for 2015. I’ve also been updating the website to reflect the direction of travel for the year ahead; more coastal garden design, fewer beach schools. I’m hoping that this will be the year that I finally secure some land upon which to develop the nursery. In the meantime I’ll continue to sow and grow as many plants as I possibly can in the limited space I have. I’ve spent many happy hours looking through the notes I made, and the photographs I took, last year and now have the task of finding suppliers of seed for my new discoveries.

    The New Year has also propelled me towards designing a spare wheel cover for my car to promote The Coastal Gardener. I thought about it for the whole of last year! The design is now finished and the cover has been ordered. A visit to the Sign Shop in the village and it will be another job ticked off the 2015 list. I feel as if I’ve ticked more off the list in the last month than I’d usually manage in 3 months.

    I love this time of year. The demands on my time are reduced, there’s no desire to spend hours at the beach (although I do still walk the dog there every day) or mess about in boats. Growth in the garden is suspended, providing an opportunity to made headway with jobs like weeding, pruning, planning and tidying. I feel like I’m keeping ahead of the game, at least for the time being.

    As I visualise my plans for the year ahead, from the perspective of the end of January, all is still possible. Every course and event will be fully booked, every seed will germinate and every plant will prosper. This will be the year when the work life balance finds equilibrium and we will, of course, have the weather we long for!

    I’ll keep you posted and let you know how large the gap is between the dream and reality!


The Coastal Gardener

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